The Team


Networking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference


Spending time with Dean Oliver, Tar Heel alum and the “pioneer of sport analytics”


Carolina Sport Business Club leaders with Dr. Stroman


Tetsuo Nishihara and Susan Sullivan, the first Kenan Institute Fellows for the Sport Initiative

The University of North Carolina has a passionate entrepreneurship ecosystem. We are students, faculty, staff, and administrators committed to the development and execution of business opportunities to change the world. We believe in teamwork, risk-taking, exploration, and adventuresome journeys! Our team of skilled, energetic, and ambitious students love sport entrepreneurship. With a collaborative spirit, they provide a big assist as we build and deliver the Kenan Institute sport initiatives. Kudos!

  • Susan Sullivan, 2nd year MBA student and Kenan Institute Fellow
  • Tony Morash and Bryce Parrish, 1st year MBA students and Kenan Institute Fellows
  • Brittany Allen
  • Caleb Anthony
  • Bria Arey
  • Andrew Barksdale
  • Jeff Battle
  • Andrew Gibbs, JD/MBA student
  • Weston Gaddy
  • Payton Gilbert
  • Maria Grimshaw, MBA student
  • Luke Gutekunst
  • Tyler Hagan
  • Justin Hagenburg
  • Bryan Harrison
  • Sarah Hinson
  • Chris Jasinski
  • Lyle Jones
  • Kevin Kelleher
  • Conor Lynch
  • Kevin Margolin
  • Alison Newton
  • Kathryn Pettine, MBA student
  • Alexia Richardson, MBA student
  • Myles Robinson
  • Jonathan Shadid
  • Alan Sharpe
  • Taylor Sharp
  • Hannah Single
  • Oliver Smith
  • Edgar Walker


"The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing."

Walt Disney

Center of Sport Business

Our commitment is the enthusiastic embrace of entrepreneurship teaching, scholarship, strategic planning, innovation, and economic development in the sport industry.