The Power of Sport

Despite the often negative media stories and images, Sports provide a great deal of benefits to American society. From the numerous positive skills learned by the participants, economic impact to our communities, people development, role models created, and the entertainment provided to many, the sport business enterprise must continue to evolve and be highlighted for its good.

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Sports Doing Good

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The Naismith Legacy

The Naismith family wishes to honor Dr. James Naismith, the creator of the game of basketball, by developing a $75M state-of-the art basketball facility for the youth in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC region). Basketball great, Phil Ford, the town of Knightdale, National Association of Basketball Coaches, Skanska, Wasserman Media, Wake County, and YMCA have all signed on to assist this vast effort.

If something is going through a city that’s very dramatic or traumatizing or anything in that case, I think sports is one of the biggest healers in helping the city out. Sports just does something to people -- either if you’re a player, you’re a fan, if you just have something that has anything to do with that city, you just feel a certain way about rooting for a team that you love. It can get your mind off some of the hardships that maybe going on throughout your life or in that particular time period. It just does that.
~ LeBron James, NBA All-Star

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