America values sport.

The economic and lifestyle impact of this vast industry is reflected in the numerous facilities, teams, media buys, and fan engagement in small rural towns to major urban centers. What other major industry is defined by intangible, ephemeral, experiential, and subjective experiences? Sport has simultaneous production and consumption (i.e., sport activity + sport fan all in the same arena). Sport depends on social facilitation. And lastly, sport fosters passion through its inconsistency and unpredictability. Sport is powerful, and the USA loves sport. We connect, investigate, analyze, and play through active participation or observation of these games of competition. As individuals, we often challenge ourselves to be faster and stronger in an attempt to be at peak performance. In the state of North Carolina, the sport industry is also attractive to many companies and entrepreneurs. Our history includes the manufacturing of sport equipment and the employment of many innovative basketball strategists.

1. The Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise supports the ongoing development and expansion of sport products and services in North Carolina through the collection of information. We are creating an inventory of the sport-related competitions in all 100 counties. Our current database of North Carolina sport-related businesses and contacts includes over 2700 individual contacts, 160 professional teams/leagues, 95 sport agencies, 45 facilities, 65 sponsors, 20 colleges/conferences, 40 media companies, and 10 industry events. And we are still counting! The impact of the sport industry in the Tar Heel state is vast and critical to the state’s economic engine. Special thanks to the SportsBusiness Journal (, based in Charlotte, NC.

2. The Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise is developing an analysis of the social and economic impact of sport in the state of North Carolina. This pioneering work will identify the key measurable impacts that affect the growing interest in sport. The deliverable(s) will help the state by assisting in the strategy of how to best to: allocate resources, attract and retain corporations to North Carolina, assess the potential for investment, provide quantitative data on political and economic strategies to test veracity, attract the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL events, increase innovation and sport entrepreneurship, and sell our state as a diverse economy.



“The impact of the sport industry in the Tar Heel state is vast and critical to the state’s economic engine.”

Dr. Deborah Stroman

Center of Sport Business

Our commitment is the enthusiastic embrace of entrepreneurship teaching, scholarship, strategic planning, innovation, and economic development in the sport industry.