Basketball Analytics Summit

This engaging conference is hosted at the Kenan-Flagler Business School each spring. The Summit is a unique gathering of students, faculty, sport professionals, entrepreneurs, and sport-related corporations who seek to examine the relationship of the “art and science” of the basketball industry. Best practices of the business and performance metrics are analyzed and shared to foster efficiency and collaboration. The 2016 Summit was held on April 15 & 16. Visit the Summit website:


This student-driven sport analytics work group is led by Joe Zappa, a PhD student in the UNC Department of Statistics and Operations. Z-Stat is open to all students – graduate and undergraduate – who desire to learn the various mathematical and statistical computations operating in the sport world. In addition, KI Sport supplies Z-Stat with referrals and case study problems from professional sport teams.

Kenan-Flagler Dean’s Fellows

KI Sport was honored to have four outstanding MBA students conduct extensive research during the 2014-15 academic year. This special Sport Analytics project further evaluated the landscape of sport business and analytics as a future offering for Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Youth Education

KI Sport will partner with the Global Scholars Academy, founded by Kenan Institute director, Dr. James Johnson, to introduce a tool to enhance mathematics skills using basketball analytics. This sport analytics module will be available to the Academy middle-school students. Pilot – Fall 2015

Analytics: The creation, examination, and management of unstructured data to predict, produce or leverage optimal results.
~ Dr. Deborah Stroman


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Center of Sport Business

Our commitment is the enthusiastic embrace of entrepreneurship teaching, scholarship, strategic planning, innovation, and economic development in the sport industry.