Alumni Ambassadors

Bryce Parrish

bryceCareer Path: Upon graduation from the University of Mary Washington, I joined The Vanguard Group, starting in their Accelerated Development Program. After spending time rotating through various departments and gaining a holistic viewpoint on the intricacies and moving parts of a multi-faceted global company, I graduated from the development program and became an internal strategy consultant. Within this role, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with senior leaders to help ideate, plan, and implement the company’s largest strategic initiatives. Although I enjoyed the work, culture, and mission portrayed by those at Vanguard, I came to UNC Kenan-Flagler to expand upon my marketing and leadership skills to complement the foundational skills I built as a strategy consultant and project manager.

Tetsuo Nishihara

tetsuoCareer Path: During four years’ of my tenure in Ohio, I found it very challenging but quite exciting to lead diverse teams which consist of people who are from very different backgrounds. The recession which started in 2008 also made me realize that leadership skills are very important especially in an economic turmoil. I wanted to become a leader who can lead an organization even in the recession, and that is why I decided to come to UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School which has a well-balanced general management education and a great leadership development program. Aside from Kenan Institute Leadership Fellow, I also serve as the president of MBA Ambassadors, working closely together with the school’s admission office, to provide the business school applicants and the prospective students with a link to the current UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA students in order to attract great talents from all over the world.

Tony Morash


Career Path:  While working on high-visibility policy issues and traveling throughout the Middle East, I developed a clearer vision of the global impact I hoped to make in my career. At the same time, my work team had transformed itself into a mini-consultancy for the Intelligence Director on his most challenging analysis, planning, and operations needs. These developments prompted me to return to school. Armed with significant communication, collaborative, and analytical attributes, I chose to attend UNC Kenan-Flagler to grow my core business and leadership skills to pursue a career in internal strategy or management consulting.

Susan Sullivan

susanCareer Path:  Upon graduation from Cornell, I joined NM Incite, a joint venture from the Nielsen Company and McKinsey & Company as an analyst. I primarily worked on social media marketing research and consulting engagements for various clients in the travel, CPG, and finance industries. After two years in NYC, I joined Education Pioneers in Nashville, TN as an Analyst Fellow. During my fellowship, I worked with the Tennessee Department of Education and with a local school district to implement an internal data portal to help teachers and school staff use data in their decision making. Although I love math and quantitative work, I came to Kenan-Flagler with the hopes of gaining a broader business foundation so that I can better understand and contextualize data when making strategic decisions.


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Ian Horkley

Kathryn Pettine

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